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Regenerating the Workplace – The Health and Hygiene Roadmap for the UK Economy

All employers have a legal duty to protect people from harm. Join us at Regenerating the Workplace to get the facts and the contacts you need to develop a long-term, sustainable strategy to protect your business, your colleagues and your customers from the risk of infection and its costs. You’ll learn from experts in health, hygiene, and infection prevention, government policymakers and industry leaders, not just about making your business COVID-secure, but about anticipating future risks and designing a new normal that means you’re prepared for the future.

The COVID-19 vaccination programme may be successful in helping us get back to our daily lives, but the threat posed by infectious disease never goes away. In the wake of this pandemic, large employers will need to maintain compliance with ongoing public health regulations and guidelines and adopt sustainable strategies for infection prevention and control in every workplace.

This is the only way forward to avoid the financial costs of outbreaks and the business interruption they cause, to make sure customers feel confident to use your services, and to protect your organisation’s reputation. Taking measures to ensure your workforce feel safe and stay healthy means lower absentee rates, and better productivity and performance in the long run, as well as fulfilling your duty to protect people from harm.

Join us at Regenerating the Workplace, our national conference and exhibition this autumn, to understand exactly what is needed to be COVID-secure, and how-to future-proof all types of working environment against future outbreaks of infectious disease and illness. We have worked with a panel of expert stakeholders in UK health and safety institutions to develop an informative programme that will help you plan a robust health and hygiene roadmap for your workplace.

Listen to experts in the field of infection prevention and control, public sector leaders and your industry peers on legal requirements, latest best practice and opportunities to stay one step ahead. Learn how your business can become more resilient and sustainable in the face of future pandemics by integrating infection prevention and control processes into everyday operations.

The exhibition will showcase innovative technologies, services and products to keep your workforce safe and your business up and running, from PPE to UV technology, disinfectant materials to decontamination services. These are areas where we have helped NHS Trusts procure the necessary products and services for years.

If you bear responsibility for employee health, safety and welfare in a large enterprise, this conference is for you. You should register for a place if you are involved in the planning, procurement, implementation or enforcement of health and safety policy, processes and procedures – whether that’s in a laboratory, office, retail, warehousing or manufacturing environment, or a combination of these. The conference programme and exhibition have been designed with Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, Security and Risk Management, Facilities and Property, and Operations personnel in mind.

As organisers of the annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference for the NHS since 2015, Knowlex have specialised in knowledge exchange within the health sector for a number of years. Each year we bring together more than 800 infection prevention professionals from hospital and healthcare settings to share the latest government policies, top-level guidance and national plans for the year.

We also have great relationships with world-leading providers of infection prevention and control products and services. This year, we look to leverage this combined expertise to help businesses map out the route to a healthy, hygienic recovery for the UK economy.

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